Watching a bewitching view of first rays of sun falling on majestic Panchachuli peaks from a stupendous window decorated with colorful curtains on a warm and cozy bed with a steaming hot cup of coffee is one of the most exquisite experience one can have at Ojaswi Tea Garden Resort. Ojaswi Tea Garden Resort, Chaukori is a Himalayan Boutique resort which offers mesmerizing snow-capped mountain views right from the beautifully handcrafted spacious and cozy rooms.

Chaukori is a lovely hill station in the Pithoragarh district far away in the picturesque mountains and Ojaswi Tea Garden Resort came into existence with a wonderful motive of promoting local tourism and to contribute in the development of rural Uttarakhand. On top of that, this is a perfect place for soul searching.

"Since my family roots belong to Uttarakhand and Pithoragarh in particular so I wanted to contribute to the local/tourism development of that area. Also when I visited Chaukori, I loved the serenity and it helped me calm down and feel close to nature so this made me believe that it is certainly a place which is perfect for self-discovery so decided on this particular location." - Mudita, Ojaswi Tea Garden

Ideal for

Ojaswi Tea Garden is perfect for family and Couples who seek luxury hideaway to relax and want to take a break from their busy lives. There is a huge space for children to run and play inside the campus. The property also won't disappoint solo travelers who are on self-discovery journey or a group of friends who wants to have the Himalayan adventure.

About the property


The journey till Ojaswi Tea Garden Resort itself is breathtaking. We started from Kathgodam railway station around 5 'o' clock in the morning. The pickup was arranged by Ojaswi Tea Garden Resort. We crossed the Bhimtal lake an hour before the sunrise when the sky starts changing its color from black to dark blue and then orange it was all magical. while wobbling through serpentine roads of Kumaon region I got a far-flung glance of snow-capped Nanda Devi peak somewhere before Almora. From Barechhina to Sheraghat we crossed many low lying villages near Sarayu river basin that early morning sunlight on bright green mountains was creating some mystical aura, every blink was worth taking a photograph. The river Sarayu is pristine with shades of deep blue and green lined by white pebbles shore. After Berinag we passed through the dark green oak forest.

The Property

The Ojaswi Tea Resort offers enthrall visual treat on a clear day, the five glorious peaks of Panchachuli and Annapurna range of Nepal is visible right from the property. Amidst of mountains you will inhale pure refreshing air and listen to the melodious chorus of chirping birds. The village is at a walkable distance offers you an opportunity to mingle with friendly and welcoming locals and get a glance of Himalayan life. On a clear night, thousands of stars are visible. The property is built on a mountain slope and the entrance is from the base which leads to spacious parking, reception and lovely restaurant. The main building and beautiful garden is located at a higher inclination. The gardens are well maintained and loaded with colorful flowers.


All rooms are beautifully handcrafted, rooms are spacious and cozy with an open sitting. Every room is decorated with distinct elegant and colorful curtains which creates flamboyant aura when the sunlight passes through them into the rooms.

Types of rooms

Deluxe and Super Deluxe Rooms

With a king size bed and a spacious independent balcony, the Deluxe rooms are on the ground floor and Super Deluxe Rooms on the top floor with a little better views of Himalayan peaks. Rooms are equipped with all facilities. Spacious wooden cupboards, handcrafted dressing area, colorful curtains add to its charm. rooms also have a small sitting area from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Himalayan with a coffee.

Executive Rooms

In addition to all facilities of super deluxe rooms, executive rooms have sophisticated wooden work and large windows to view stupendous mountain peaks. Spacious and perfect for couples to luxuriate.

Family Suites

Family Suites have a bedroom with a living room attached to an independent balcony. perfect for a family or small group of friends. The whole floor is private for you and very spacious.



The restaurant is multi-cuisine and serves delicious varieties of Chinese, Indian, Italian and Kumaoni cuisines. The staff is very punctual to call and ask what you will like to eat beforehand and freshly prepare the food, you will find almost all popular cuisines in the restaurant. Ojaswi Tea garden restaurant is even ready to prepare something off the menu when requested for. The plates are arranged before one arrives, fresh and hot food is served. the restaurant is spacious, with beautiful wooden interiors, Large windows make it well lit during day time.

Best time to go

Every season has its own charm. Kumaon region is blessed with five distinct seasons and each one is different from the other and offers a unique experience.

January and February - if you want to watch the snow fall from your warm and comfy bed with a steaming hot cup of coffee or want play with snow in either case January and February are the best months for snow lovers.

March - The colorful spring brings a flock of migratory birds. if you are interested in bird watching then this is the best time to heads towards Chaukori.

April to June- This is the time for a summer escape and one of the best place to enjoy summer vacation.

July and August - This is not for regular tourist because Kumaon receive heavy rainfall every year and not suggested for a regular tourist as it may hinder the sightseeing in and around but if you are the one who chases monsoon and want to explore the place in an offseason then Ojaswi Tea garden is open all year around for you.

September - Just after the monsoon the Himalayan flora is at full bloom. its a green visual delight during this time. blessed with clear sky with a mesmerizing view of Panchachuli.

October- Best time to indulge in adventure sports you can try bouldering, trekking, river rafting, biking anything among them to push your limits.

November- Migratory birds are on the way back to their homes and again this is one of the best time for bird watching and photography.

December- Make sure you book rooms in advance if you are planning during Christmas and new year vacation. This is a festive time and arrival of winter. you make encounter snowfall during late December.

Irrespective to season the staff of Ojaswi Tea resort is ready to serve you round the clock. For the clear sky and better views, September to November and March to June is a good time.

What to do here and around the property

Places to visit

Dharamgarh Tea garden

We arrived just an hour before sunset when locals called it a day and were returning to their homes after a working day. The tea state in the middle of the oak forest is beautiful. We stopped at the Dharamgarh town to pick up Chetan from Mountain Heights Adventure zone. We hiked till the top while Chetan explained about the place, its history, locals, treks, bicycle tours. After the hike, we went for a short bicycle ride till sunset point where we captured a beautiful sunset

Hanging rocks

Located at 600 meters distance from Ojaswi Tea garden resort through a small nature trail, you will find a 180 degree viewpoint, from here you will be able to witness not one, not two but more than 13 mountain peaks starting from Trishul, Mrigthuni, Panwali Dwar, Nanda Devi, Nanda Devi East, Nanda Devi Kot, Raj Rambha, five peaks of Panchachuli and Annapurna range in Nepal. Nanda Devi is tallest among them and is the second highest peak in India. few of them are still not been climbed. It is overwhelming to watch such a magnificent view. Apart from the divine view of Himalaya, this is also a great place for bird watching and photography. Visit during sunrise or sunset to get spell bounded with the views. I was grateful that the Manager Mr. Ramesh took us till Hanging rocks and explained about the beauty of the place.

Musk deer park

Musk deer is a rare species which also plays an important role in Indian mythology. there are only two such parks in India where musk deers are kept for breeding and research. It is 2-hour trek from the property or you can choose to drive till the main gate, then a small trek will lead you to the park. photography is prohibited at the park.

Patal Bhuvneswar

It is equally fascinating for a reverent and an adventurous explorer, Patal Bhuvneswar is not a place to be skipped. It is a wonderful limestone cave which is protected by the archaeological department of India. the entrance is a very narrow partially vertical cave path which leads to a set of big connected caves. This underground cave enshrines Lord Shiva and thirty-three Koti Gods, The locals believe that the different rock formations represent different mythological incidents, places, and gods.

"He who wants to feel the presence of eternal power should come to the sacred Bhuvneshwar situated near the confluence of Ramganga, Sarayu, and Gupt-Ganga." -Manaskhanda, Skandapuran, whose 800 verses refer to Patal Bhuvaneshwar

Kalka Mata temple Gangolighat

'Haat Kalika Mandir' was chosen by Adi Guru Sankaracharya for installation of one of the Shakti_Peethas. This beautiful Himalayan temple is peacefully and the spiritual energy is soothing and brings tranquility into peoples lives. The goddess Mahakali is the designated goddess of the Kumaon Regiment.


Berinag market

For traditional handicrafts and hand knitted woolen stuff, you can head to Berinag market. Situated at the distance of 13 km from the property it is on the way towards Patal Bhubaneswar and Kalika Devi Mandir.

Sunset point

Right In front of the property there is a small hill from where you can get a 180 degree of mountain view. Visit during sunset or sunrise to get the best views.

Things to do

Volunteer at Himalayan Naari

Himalayan Naari is the organization who works towards the development of local women. The local women are working towards revitalizing traditional woolen crafts by creating a sustainable global business supported by NGO. Himalayan Naari is welcoming towards volunteers who are ready to teach them skills or help and learn traditional knitting and weaving.


If you are in a group and want to push yourself beyond limit try bouldering. Bouldering is a difficult adventure sport. It is a form of rock climbing that is performed on large boulders, small rock formations, without the use of ropes or harnesses. all you need is chalk power and climbing shoes, crash pads are used for safety

Bouldering sights are on the way to Munsiyari from Chaukori and this activity is often organized for groups. you need to approach in advance to book a slot for yourself.

River Rafting

Feel the splash of pristine water while rafting through the rapids of Kali river. It will take around a day for river rafting as the Rafting base point is around 30 km from the resort.


You can choose different biking trials according to your endurance. biking through mountains is undoubtedly a visual treat but is never easy, your expedition with go through the ebb and flow mountain roads.

Bird watching

November and March are the months when migratory birds make Chaukori their temporary inhabitant. This is the best time for bird photography. These months are also blessed with clear weather so chances to witness majestic Himalayan peaks are more.

Savor local Kumaon cuisines 

My favorite is "bhang ki chutney” with Aloo paratha, which I had near Sheraghat on the way towards Chaukori. there are lots to freshly prepared tasty cuisines. You can order local cuisines at Ojaswi Tea resort or can also step out and find a table at a local restaurant.

Village walk to experience the local Kumaon life

The locals are very warm and welcoming, Ask for a village walk at Ojaswi Tea resort reception. It is a small walk from the property and an opportunity to have interaction with Himalayan rural life.

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