Ranga Taana

If you want to wake up with this view, then pack your bags and head to Ranga Taana 

How I got to know about Ranga Taana

   I mostly look for heritage hotels, boutique hotels or home stays while traveling and in Karnataka there are lots to home stays in middle of coffee plantations. So on our trip to Chikmagalur I was exclusively looking for a home stay in middle of woods. When I saw the pictures of Ranga Taana at Tripadvisor I instantly decided that this is the place I want to go without even checking the location and Tariff. I contacted them directly via Ranga Taana website, the reply was quick and booking process was smooth. Ranga Taana team shared a route map from Bangalore to Ranga Taana which was quite helpful.


   We visited in the month of August. The condition of road at the last patch of journey was not good and as we hired a small hatchback car it took almost an hour extra to reach the destination from the expected time.we reached around 7 am, it is a huge estate. The property is adjacent to Bhadra wildlife sanctuary which is a Tiger reserve. The state and the Tiger reserve is separated via electric fence. We drove through gorgeous path that led to the cottages we parked our car at car park and the staff was quick to help us with the luggage. No need for checkin or any entry we were directly lead towards our cottage.

First impression

    There were three beautiful wooden cottages on the mountain slope.we got the top one. it was a spacious 4 pax wooden cottage with one big room, a attached toilet and a sit-out area. cottage has a big glass window with a wonderful view of woods. There were two queen size bed with a very comfortable Mattress, pillow and blankets. We were informed before arrival via mail to carry our toilet kit and towels as they will not be provided at the home stay. The rooms were extremely clean and well maintained. the property looked new. the staff was courteous, helpful and welcoming. 

The home stay’s grounds

    After settling down we went ahead to explore the estate. It is a huge state we felt like we are in a forest. There were few gardeners living uphill in small huts who take care of plantation. the state have multiple camp fire and sitting area around the cottages. A big open dinning area at the center and one house attached with the kitchen where I guess the staff was staying. By the time we were back authentic Malnad styled cooked breakfast was ready for us. It was freshly prepared and tasted like home made food.

The highlight at Ranga Taana

  After breakfast we were ready to enjoy the private water fall at the property. As there were three cottages all were allotted specific hours at water fall So it will be private for every guest group. at the time when we were staying only two cottages were occupied. The other guest group choose the morning slot and we took the afternoon slot. After breakfast we rested for a while and then started trekking around 10 am. Although it is a 25 mins short trek but we took almost an hour because we strolled while taking photos and talking.

It was a beautiful waterfall and entire waterfall just for us. we spend few hours at the fall and by the time we were back to the cottage lunch was ready. we enjoyed the meal which was fresh and delicious local cuisines. In evening we explored Kemmangundi which is near to the property. Hebbe falls were closed for the public for conservation purpose. In evening camp fire was setup for us and we were busy in discussing ghost stories with each other, suddenly there was a power cut and it was pitch dark around us the only light was the camp fire and the session of ghost stories got really scary. By the time dinner was ready we were extremely tired and asked the staff to serve the dinner at our cottage. 


two things we missed due to time constrain were 

  • Guided Trek to the untouched grasslands
  • Guided Stroll through the coffee estate.

Next Day and Departure

Next morning I woke up very early to explore the property more, this time I went down hill. downhill the broad mud road towards the main entrance gate looked like a path inside the forest. there were lots of jackfruit trees, may be some water stream flows near by as we were able to listen the sound. we checked out early because there was a busy day ahead of us to explore many more places in and around Chikmagalur. The Raanga tana staff gifted us lots of ripen Jackfruit as gift, which is very generous and lovely.

General thoughts

  • It was far from the Chikmagalur town but it was near to few tourist spots like Kemmangundi, Hebbe falls and Kalhatti falls.
  • Phone network was very weak. Bsnl is reliable in the area.
  • No free wifi at the time we visited.
  • Frequent power cut, and no power backup.
  • Ranga Taana offers lots of activity and the huge state have lots to offer so keep some time exclusively to enjoy them, we missed many due to time constrain. 


Did I feel genuinely welcomed 

Yes the care takers, staff and even the workers at the plantation were courteous, generous, helpful, polite and lovely.

Will I recommend it to others

Of course yes. It is a wonderful place for nature lovers. but people who seek ultra luxury may not like because of poor network connectivity, no television and frequent power cut.

Would I stay again

Without a doubt, there were many activities I missed due to time constrain. If I am visiting Ranga Taana again I will at least stay for 2 to 3 full days and exclusively spend time more at the property and the activities they arrange.

How to contact RangaTaana

you can just drop a mail or call them via Ranga Taana website as well as they are also listed on varius travel websites. 

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