So we were on the way to a friend’s marriage near Alleppey and chose to go via train from Bangalore. During that overnight journey, when I woke in the morning at 6 am and watched out of the window I was mesmerized by the beauty of the countryside of Kerala. The courtyards of houses were filled with dense green vegetation. Everything I was was all green except houses, they were painted in bright beautiful colors. The miles stones and benches were covered with green algae and mosses. houses were partially covered with creepers. Looking out of the window was like watching some cinematic video of a beautiful destination. I went to the door of the train compartment to get some fresh air and the feel of the true Kerala.

Rajendra posing as if he is driving the boat

Staying in a boathouse was always on my bucket list. Our trip to Alleppey leads to one item ticked off my bucket list. We choose a day trip from 10 am to 5 pm along with the lunch at Boathouse, the lunch was freshly prepared in the Boathouses kitchen.

We choose a double-decker Boathouse and will recommend it to everyone for the better backwater views. After having breakfast we started exploring backwaters in our boathouse. There were large numbers of boats parked and to reach our boat we need to pass through many other boats. we need to remove our shoes and carry them in our hands as we passed through boats to keep the wooden floor of the boat clean.

As we begun our boat trip, I looked around and saw, all green, different shades of green everywhere. The water was green and the houses were partially hidden due to the outgrown vegetation in their courtyard. Many small houses were situated in the middle of backwaters and they own a small private rowboat to reach the mainland and other places around.

The boat traffic was similar to the traffic you see on the road. we crossed many boathouses on the way few were luxury boats and few were traditional. The Boathouse stay is costly, to solve this problem we decided to book a one bedroom double-decker boat for a group of ten people and asked them to prepare the lunch for all in advance, so this plan made us enjoy the beauty of the boat ride, with a lovely company of friends and at a very affordable price for all.

How to reach


The Cochin International Airport, located at a distance of 75 kilometers is the nearest airport to Allepey.


Alappuzha Railway Station is well connected to the major cities.


Kerala State Run Transport Corporation buses, as well as private run buses, connect Alleppey to most of the major cities in Kerala and neighboring states.


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