Pondicherry is a very unique and beautiful city, Dipped in stunning pastel colors this city is a heaven for an Instagrammers and street photographers  with the history of being colonized by the French government, the city has many colonial buildings, churches, temples, and statues with the systematic town planning and beautiful French style avenues still, preserves the colonial ambiance. 

In this blog, I will try to help you with How to get the Most out of Pondicherry on a budget.

Getting There

The cheapest and most comfortable way of transportation in Indian is by Rail. We booked a train ticket of sleeper class from Bangalore to Pondicherry Which cost us around 260 rupees per person, this is one of the cheapest and very comfortable ways to reach Pondicherry. Pondicherry is connected to many major cities via rail and road. A bus is also an option which cost little more than the train but is faster than train for many routes.

A vintage photograph at Artika cafe Pondicherry


I will recommend two areas for the stay, The White Town to experience the true colonial ambiance and second The Auroville which is an experimental township and offers a unique experience.

    As White town is an expensive area and I did not want to give my colonial ambiance experience because it was a budget trip, The Park guest house came to our rescue.

Photos of How to visit Pondicherry on a budget 3/6 by Ankita Shrivastava
View from park guest house Balcony

It is an Auro Ashram run guest house and has its own set of rules which needs to be followed by guests. it is located in the White Town, an unbeatable location, it also offers sea facing rooms with an unbeatable view and everything at an unbeatable price. we paid 700 per day for a double bedroom at the Park guest house which is a very beautiful guest house with sea view and a lovely garden. Rooms are spacious and with basic amenities. food at the same place is somewhere between 50 -150 rupees.

Auroville, my second favorite place to stay at in Pondicherry is around 15 km from the city and has lots of guest house in every range.

Photos of How to visit Pondicherry on a budget 4/6 by Ankita Shrivastava
A typical room at park guest house


The best option for traveling around Pondicherry is to hire a two-wheeler, we paid 250 rupees per day and petrol cost around 100 rupees per day.

Photos of How to visit Pondicherry on a budget 5/6 by Ankita Shrivastava

So total expenditure per day for us was

stay – 700 ( a decent stay with basic amenities for two people)

food – 300–400 ( four meals a day)

travel – 350

others – 200 (entrances tickets to museums, snacks, tea, entertainment)

Total – 1600 per day for 2. Which I consider is pretty cheap.

Photos of How to visit Pondicherry on a budget 6/6 by Ankita Shrivastava

Pondicherry offers lots of luxury hotels for stay and has a fine dining experience with delicious food which can increase your expenses exponentially, but if you can afford then go for it because stay at a heritage hotel with French architecture and fine dining with a world-class treatment and delicious French food is always worth experiencing.

Scuba diving and surfing are also worth trying which you may consider. 

you can also check our youtube video which we made on the same trip.

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