There is something magical about Woodville palace. every corner every window even the wind whispering through those windows have a story to tell. This was the first time we visited a heritage hotel together and Palace, as well as the staff, make you feel special in some way or the another.


So we Arrived at Shimla railway station, the toy train journey was beautiful you can read more about it on our blog "My childhood dream to ride Toy train and a trip to Shimla". from the railway station, the Woodville palace is around 4.3 km we hired a taxi and drove to the Palace. ISBT bus station is around 7.9 km from here. you can also ask the staff to arrange one for you.

First impression

Breathtaking. it's beautiful beyond words. that's the reason why so many filmmakers choose this place for there movies. The exterior, as well as interiors, will take you to a different era altogether.

The hotel grounds

The Palace building is mesmerizing surrounded by the Pine forest but still, to close to the heart of the city, Mall road. The architecture of the palace is similar to British architectural style there is a large lawn area in front of the palace to sit and enjoy the winter sun. there numerous stairs going up and down to and from the Palace. The rooms were spacious and cozy there were two entrance doors for our room the one leads you directly out from the room to the parking area and the other one to the beautiful galleries, stairs, and sitting areas leading to reception and the main entrance of the palace.

Next Day and Departure

Next day we had a wonderful breakfast. the staff was standing on our side whole time and were quick to serve anything you need. it was one of the Royal treatment we received. the staff was very polite and helpful. After breakfast, they give us a walk through the property and then we packed and check out for our next destination.

Did I feel genuinely welcomed 

Yes, The staff is trained well they are helpful, polite and lovely and leave no stone unturned to make you feel anything less than royalty.

Will I recommend it to others

Of course yes. It is a wonderful place for History lovers. A luxury Heritage hotel, Everyone should have this experience once in a lifetime.

Would I stay again

Without a doubt, The Property is beautiful it took me to a different bygone era. The staff is helpful, polite and lovely and leave no stone unturned to make you feel anything less than royalty.


Do Ghumakkad

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