Yelagiri or Elagiri is a small hill station located in Tamil Nadu and is a lovely summer escape from Bangalore. Yelagiri offers a scenic ride till the top with a beautiful lake at the crest. Adventure sports such as paragliding, trekking, camping, and rock climbing are also organized by Tamil Nadu tourism department.

At the top, the beautiful lake offers paddle boat ride. The area is well maintained with small gardens and children parks I went to Yelagiri with my brother and few friends during summer and enjoyed the boat ride along with the play area.

There were lots of small restaurants as well as a few local fruit seller. There were few local fruits which I tasted for the first time in my life.

It is a nice one-day outing option for the people who are seeking a summer escape from Bangalore and Chennai. Yelagiri is also one of the famous places for trekkers in India. The hill station is located at a height of 1410.6 meters above sea level. Yelagiri comprises 14 hamlets and a number of temples spread over several hills.

How to reach


Bangalore and Chennai airport are near to the Jolarpettai from here you can get a train or bus till Jolarpettai.


Jolarpettai is the nearest railway station to Yelagiri. Tourists can hire a taxi or cab to reach the place comfortably or choose to ride a bus which is a cheaper option.


Jolarpettai and Vaniyambadi is well connected to major cities and towns from here you can hire a taxi or rent a bike.

Best Time to Visit

Yelagiri can be visited throughout the year. Winter can be a little cold. Trekking is also organized all around the year.

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