It was raining leeches. Yes, you read it right, it was raining leeches those sticky black creature who suck blood. With rain leeches were also pouring down on us from dense climbers and trees around us, sticking to my head, face and all over me and all sucking my blood simultaneously, Above that I was lost in the Jungle because those narrow trails created by previous trekkers were all filled with water and there was no way to find out our path further from that point. So that day we savor the life of "The Cherrapunji of the South" Agumbe. Agumbe is one of the top five places which receive the highest rainfall in Asia. It is also known as "Cobra capital" like The King Cobra, an endangered species is found here as well as many species of snakes reside in Agumbe.

So as we planned the trip to Agumbe in August we went with all preparation raincoats, plastic covers for all our electronic devices, waterproof footwear, extra sets of clothes. We were staying at Seethanadi Natures Camp and that morning we decided to go for the Nature walk.

The sky was clear and it was a short trek, So I carried a water bottle, a mobile, and a camera. I thought we would be back in an hour. In Agumbe that too in monsoon you should not step out without an umbrella or a raincoat, it starts raining anytime. So we started by following a narrow trail. It was all green, different shades of green, chirping birds, crickets, frogs and many more small creatures were constantly creating beautiful sounds as we ventured deep. suddenly It started raining, With rain leeches were also pouring down on us from dense climbers and trees around us, sticking and sucking my blood. All trails were filled with water and there was no way to find the path. mobiles were not working because there was no network. Although the trail was a circuit instead of going further we started to come back on the same path, via which we reached thereby recognizing the places we took photos and made videos. After some time we reached back. The River Rafting organizer was waiting there for us and as he saw us he asked "How was it" and my answer was "Awesome", I meant it. Although it didn't go the way I wanted this is one of the craziest experience now stored in my memory, and I got a wonderful story to tell my grandchildren.

Top tips

1. Agumbe is known as "The Cherrapunji of the South" and receives high rainfall so be equipped with umbrella, raincoats, extra sets of clothes which dry out quickly, mosquito repellent, torch, snacks, Footwear which go well in the rainy season.

2. There are very less eat outs so plan where you are going to eat beforehand.

3. Travel during day time as much as possible because ghats are steep, no street lights and very sparsely populated area makes it very dark during late evening and night.

This is how it looked at night


Do Ghumakkad

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