I know you people have seen humans riding a horse, elephant even ostrich. But have seen a monkey riding a lady. yes, a monkey!

a few months back I and my husband decided to visit a big banyan tree also known as Dodda Aladha Mara in Bangalore. there were a lot of monkeys hanging and playing around the big banana tree. I was carrying a small backpack on my shoulders and kept my hair untied. We were roaming around the tree and clicking photos and then suddenly a monkey jumped over me holding my hair like a lead rope (rope used to lead an animal such as a horse) sitting on my backpack. I was screaming a running around the park, my husband running behind to save me and that notorious monkey was enjoying the ride. And yes that day people around witnessed a monkey riding a woman.

Apart from this scary encounter Dodda Aladha Mara is beautiful. The Banyan tree is 400 years old and well maintained, it is a half day trip from Bangalore at a little divergence from Mysore route.

we came on a bike but there are frequent BMTC buses too for proper connectivity. 

Do Ghumakkad

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