Its spectacular view will definitely take your breath away for a moment. Shettihalli Rosary Church standing tall in the middle of Hemvathi river is mesmerizing. Gothic architecture pointed arches and ribbed vault will take you to back in the time. It was constructed in 1860 by French missionaries. After 100 years In 1960 when Gorur dam was built at Hemvathi river, the Rosary church was shifted to a different place. Now the old structure is abandoned and partially submerged during monsoon and again emerges in winter.

if lucky you may find fishermen with their coracle and they can take you to a ride to get a closer view.

Top things to do

1. Coracle ride

The coracle is a small round shape, traditional lightweight boat. Fishermen are not always present but if lucky you may get a chance for Coracle ride.

2. Picnic

There is large open space around the church and ideal for a picnic. At this scenic landscape, you can relax and enjoy the area. So fill your picnic basket with food and don't forget to bring a picnic mat.

3. Play around

That's what we did, explored the place, fell into the mud, got stuck in the bushes, even my kurta got tore and I got scolded by mom. I played skip stone for hours with my brother and husband.

4. Go for a bike trip

Shettihalli Rosary Church is around 160 KM from Bangalore and 119 KM from Mysuru. Lots to people plan bike trip and even a few trip planners organize bike trips to Shettihalli Rosary Church on weekends.

Important things to keep in mind

1. There is no restaurants and shops nearby. So carry your own food and water.

2. It is good to come back before sunset if you are not in a group as there are no stays, hotels and mechanic shops nearby you need to come till Hassan which is 22 KM away from Shettihalli Rosary Church.

Best time to visit

My favorite time is during monsoon as it is all green around the place and Shettihalli Rosary Church is partially submerged due to high water level, but avoid peak monsoon as it gets fully submerged sometimes.

Winter is also a good time to visit as Shettihalli Rosary Church emerges during this time and you can explore it from close.

Do Ghumakkad

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