1. Stay in a Heritage french bungalow

Puducherry is divided into two parts via a canal in between, the White town with french quarters and the Heritage town with Tamil architecture. The white town is well preserved, maintained and systematically planned township and many buildings are now serving as resorts and hotels. So don't miss the chance to experience the French heritage without even leaving India.

2. Have a french breakfast

Your trip is incomplete without having a French meal in Puducherry. This city has an omnipresence of French cafes, and they serve authentic French cuisines which are worth spending money on.

3. Be a child again at Paradise beach

Paradise Beach is around 8 km from the main city and you need to take a boat to reach there, it is also possible to reach by land too. Paradise beach offers lots of water sports, so don't forget to get an extra set of clothes along with you.

4. Embrace the spiritual energy at Auroville Ashram.

Ashram area looks distinctive with dominant grey and white buildings in contrast to yellow and pink dominant White town. It is a peaceful place, follow the rules and go with the flow.

5. Have a walk or ride a bicycle around White town to feel little France in India.

It is delightful to explore the lanes of White town and experience the French Heritage. Yellow is the dominant color you will come across that majority of the house are painted yellow, French quarters are super clean and beautiful, there are lots of cafes on the way if you want to stop and take rest for a while. The beach road is exhilarating and lots of people gather in the evening. it is soothing to sit and watch the sea from here.

6. Go to the town like no were else in the world

Auroville town is experimental township around 12 KM from Pondicherry. Auroville believes in human unity and is open to men and women of all countries, who are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. It takes almost a full day to explore Auroville.

7. Learn to surf at the Serenity beach

Seeking adrenaline rush then try riding waves at Serenity beach, if not then just go and play Kabbadi with the waves at this beautiful beach. Auroville beach is also adjacent to Serenity beach but I liked the later because of more open space and less crowd.

8. The Puducherry Museum

Not only French heritage but the Museum also have a rich collection of artifacts which belong to the Pallava and Chola dynasties. bronze statues, coins from different dynasty, old vessels, pieces of furniture and many more things. photography is prohibited inside the museum.

9. Go for an evening walk on the Promenade beach.

In the evening the vehicles are not allowed at Beach road and it is exclusively reserved for pedestrians. It was a lovely experience to walk along the beach were lots of people gathered to enjoy the evening.

10. Go for a Scuba Dive

Although we didn't try Scuba diving at Pondicherry, it seems to be an interesting activity, go for it if your budget and time allows you to.


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